Deliciously Frigid
The Latest Golden Tee Home Edition Event Kicks Off February 1!

The cold, harsh winter months have set in for most of us, although that shouldn’t slow us down. In fact, in an effort to make the most of this time of year, we’re firing up our next installment of the Callaway Golden Tee Home Edition Tour.

The Deep Freeze Open.

GT Home Edition owners can complete simply by playing their favorite game. There is no entry fee or registration. Over the next four weeks—starting on February 1—we’ll be qualifying 20 players to compete in one final event.

Before we get to that event, however, let’s talk qualifying. Throughout the month of Feb., we will run four different qualifiers—each one week long. The criteria for these events will change each week.

The schedule is found below:

Week 1 (February 1-February 7): Average of 10 Best Scores

Week 2 (February 8-February 14): Most Birdies or Better

Week 3 (February 15-February 21): Most Holes in One

Week 4 (February 22-February 28): Most Great Shot Points

A few notes on the categories above. In the event there is a tie for a spot in any of the contests, we will use total Great Shot Points as the tiebreaker, except during the Great Shot Points week. For Week 4, we will use lowest score as a tiebreaker.

Also, all games must be a) completed and b) be completed on 2016 courses.

The top five players each week will qualify—giving us 20 total players by the end of the month. Once a player qualifies, he/she cannot qualify again. Once you’re in, you’re in.

As soon as our 20-person field is set, we will move to the next stage of the Deep Freeze Open. All 20 participants will be sent a lock conditions card. This card will ensure that each player has the same conditions. Using this card, all finalists will play a full cycle—a game on each of the 2016 courses.

The player with the lowest combined score across all five will be the champion. All 20 finalists will walk away with a piece of fantastic Callaway gear.

The prizes for the Top 20 will be as follows:

1st) Callaway XR Driver

2nd) Odyssey Works Putter

3rd) Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Wedge

4th-5th) Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls

6th-10th) Callaway Golf Towel

11th-15th) Callaway Hat

16th-20th) Callaway Golf Cooler

Worried your scores and efforts won’t stack up? You can still win.

As another aspect of the contest, we will also be raffling for prizes for anyone who completes 10 LIVE games each week—or 40 or more games overall. Anyone that hits this 10-game mark for each qualifier—regardless of score or anything else attached—will be eligible to win an illuminated marquee or a keypad.

We will be raffling off one of each at the conclusion of the event; all you have to do is play 10 games every week.

If you plan on participating—and you really, really should—be sure you use the same Golden Tee Player Card or credit card to swipe in every time. This is how we’ll track your efforts in Online Contests or Stats Play. And remember only 2016 courses will count.

Let the freeze begin. It all starts on February 1. Stay tuned to and for updates.


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