Let the Madness Begin
The Golden Tee World Championship Bracket Goes Live!

The next step in the Golden Tee 2016 World Championship is underway. With our field of 32 locked in, we are spending the month of February seeding the players leading up the March 16-17 event in lovely Las Vegas.

There is a bracket to fill out. And before we can begin our matches, we need to put each finalist in the appropriate place. To do that, we’re seeding players using Golden Tee World Rankings this month.

The player with the highest World Ranking will be the No. 1 seed; the finalist with the lowest ranking will be No. 32. The entire bracket will come together based off of where participants finish come March 1—just two weeks before double-elimination match play begins.

Instead of simply showing you the bracket shortly before the event begins, we’re updating this bracket throughout the month. Each day, based on scoring and the updated rankings, names will move around. They will continue to move until the very end of February.

At the point, it will be go time. What does the current bracket look like right now? I’m glad you asked.

Here it is—the Golden Tee World Championship Bracket. Be sure to check it each day to see where we stand.

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