Back On Pointe
Daily Contest Throwback Thursday is Heading Back to 2005 This Week!

This week’s installment of the Daily Contest Throwback Thursday is taking us way back in time this week—back to where Golden Tee LIVE began.

Although we regularly visit 2013, 2011 and 2008, we’ve decided to put the ol’ trusty time machine into overdrive. We’re headed to the original LIVE, 2005, for a nice little Thursday on the memorable Heather Pointe.

It’s an oldie but most certainly a goodie. There are ample opportunities to go low on a course that really doesn’t have an equal in terms of a comparison. Heather is completely unique and tons of fun, and on Thursday you can play it as many times as you please.

Enjoy the treasures on the Daily Contest—honing in on winds, pins and conditions. Only your top score will be displayed on the online leaderboard. The top 400 finishers will walk away winners, per usual.

Next week, we will enjoy yet another Throwback Thursday stop. We’ll let you know where we’re headed soon enough.


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