Swamp Thing
Throwback Thursday is Underway and Enjoying the Bayou Life

We are coming to you live from a place where the alligators outnumber the people by a significant margin. This also seems like the appropriate time to remind you that the swamp, while fun and different, can also pack an exquisite punch.

Until midnight central tonight, Bayou Bay is in the spotlight. Play any Daily Contest game between now and close, and you’ll be thrown into one of the more unique course creations we have ever done. This is why we love Throwback Thursdays.

The winds, pins and setups will not change—not until a new course is thrown into the mix. You can play Bayou as many times as you please. Just avoid the alligators over and over if you can. Only your best score will count.

The Top 400 finishers will walk away big winners. Then the next week, we do the whole Throwback Thursday thing all over again. Enjoy, and stay dry.


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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