The Final Countdown
Today is the Final Day to Qualify for the Golden Tee World Championship

It has come down to this—one final day to decide the Golden Tee 2016 World Championship field.

By Saturday morning, the 32-man field will be complete. One of those 32 will take home the $10,000 top prize and the game’s most storied title. There is so much at stake, and yet, we can’t get ahead of ourselves. The final field still needs to take shape.

One Daily Contest is all that remains. Volcano Palms, Friday’s stop, will ultimately help shape the tournament field.

While many spots and players are comfortable with their current standing, that is not the case for all. Right around the cutline, there is a great deal of movement still to take place.

Here is the last update before the World Championship field is set in stone.

For those vying for a spot, good luck. For those interested in what the field will look like, be sure to keep an eye out on the Daily Contest Leaderboard. Step 1 might be coming to an end. But the event is about to kick up in intensity.

And for those who do make the Top 32, keep an eye on your email these next few days. The Golden Ticket, if you crack the final field, won’t be far behind.


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