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Qualifying for the Golden Tee World Championship is Less Then Three Weeks Away

Get ready. We are now less than three weeks away from the start of the qualifying period for the Golden Tee World Championship.

On November 2, everything changes.

The details have been released, so consider this a friendly reminder. On that Monday, the day 2016 courses are added into the rotation, each Daily Contest will also take on more meaning that simply awarding huge cash prizes. With the launch of the 2016 courses into the rotation, we will also introduce a new run of Throwback Thursday courses on the Daily.

Between November 2 and January 15, players will have the opportunity to earn World Championship Points each and every day. Finish in the Top 500 of a Daily, and you’ll earn points. The 30 players with the most World Championship Points by January 15 will secure a spot in the March 16-17 live event in Las Vegas.

The point system will be as follows:

1st Place: 100 points

2nd Place: 80 points

3rd Place: 70 points

4th Place: 60 points

5th Place: 50 points

6th to 10th Place: 40 points

11th to 20th Place: 30 points

21st to 30th Place: 25 points

31st to 50th Place: 20 points

51st to 75th Place: 15 points

76th to 100th Place: 10 points

101st to 200th Place: 5 points

201st to 300th Place: 3 points

301st to 400th Place: 2 points

401st to 500th Place: 1 point

Get as many points as you can, it’s as simple as that. The Daily Contest will be the place to be come November 2, and we can’t wait to see what it has in store.

We’ll have much more on the Golden Tee 2016 World Championship; stay tuned to for more.


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