Going Out With a Bang
Our Final Daily Contest Throwback Thursday Takes Us to The Great Wall!

Welcome to the final Daily Contest Throwback Thursday of 2015.

Don’t be sad about that development, friend. It will be just fine. In fact, it will be more than fine with what we have in store. Today, however, is all about The Great Wall—the location tasked with taking us home this week. Let’s end it with a bang.

Between now and midnight central time, you can play The Great Wall as many times as you please on the Daily—honing in on winds, pins and setups. Only your best score will be displayed on the Online Leaderboard and in the GT Caddy app.

The top 400 finishers will walk away victorious, just like usual. And in this instance, they will be the last Throwback Thursday winners of the year.

Starting Sunday, we will go through the entire catalog of LIVE courses one by one. It’s going to be a mighty fine journey. See you there.


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