Coming March 30
Classic Course of the Week is Coming to a Golden Tee LIVE 2015 Near You!

And you thought Golden Tee 2015’s robust list of features was complete. Not so fast, my friend.

We still have one enormous addition to address, and we will do just that on Monday, March 30.

Classic Course of the Week—that small mysterious box on the right side of the course selection screen—will be open and ready for business on this day. What is Classic Course of the Week, you ask?

Well, the name says it all.

Each week, starting on that Monday, a new courses hand selected by the Golden Tee team will be thrown into the Prize Play rotation. This course will then assume the role of each course in the 2015 rotation; you will just have more variety and more ways to test your luck.

Instead of having five ways to compete in 50-man Prize Play contests, you will now have six. It will be the exact same tournament, only you’ll be able to compete for prizes on some of these creations for the first time in years!

The following Monday, a new course will take over that spot and the week will reboot. Next Monday, the process will reboot. And so on.

The courses featured are some of the most popular courses in Golden Tee LIVE, and we’ll be providing a schedule of the highlighted stops soon enough. After mulling through mounds of data and trends, the Golden Tee team has assembled a schedule we think you’ll absolutely love.

To play, all you have to do is pick the sixth option on the course selection screen in Prize Play. You'll be tossed into a contest, just like usual.

And it all starts on Monday, March 30. Get ready.   

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