The Golden Tee 2016 Design-a-Hole Contest
Get Your Dream Golf Hole in Golden Tee and Win a Home Edition!

Why just be into Golden Tee when you can be in Golden Tee?

Eight years ago, we asked that question with the debut of the first-ever Design-a-Hole Contest. Eight years later, the question remains the same, although the stakes higher than ever before.

Design your dream Golden Tee Golf hole and you could watch it go from idea to living, breathing golf hole in Golden Tee 2016. Yep, it’ll be in the game. Oh, and you could also win your very own Golden Tee Home Edition, too.

Want in? Of course you do. Here’s how.


What Do I Need to Do?

Design any par-3, par-4, or par-5 that you think would fit Golden Tee and submit it.

That’s it. If you do that, you’re in. And you can submit as many designs as you’d like; you’re not limited to one.

Over the years, we’ve received everything from cocktail-napkin masterpieces, to videos, to ransom notes, to colored-pencil drawings to computer-program submissions. Do whatever you feel shows your design best, and don’t worry about making it a masterpiece. If you want to that’s great, but—above all—a great Golden Tee hole with some originally is what we’re seeking.

Don’t forget to give your design a name and include all the details you believe it needs. As long as it’s a visual representation of what you’ve liked to see in Golden Tee 2016, you’ve got a shot at getting in the game.

How you approach this contest is completely up to you.

When Do I Need to Do It?

The submission period for the 2016 Design-a-Hole Contest will stay open from February 28 to April 15.

Be sure to get all your submissions in before then.


What Can I Win?

The Grand Prize is the grandest of prizes. If your design is chosen as this year’s winner, it will be added to one of the new courses in Golden Tee 2016. You will instantly become a part of Golden Tee history.

This hole will come with its very own sign that will include your name, home town and the name of your design. As this year as shown, this sign won’t just be a cosmetic addition. It will be very much in play.

If that wasn’t enough, you will also be able to play your hole on your very own Golden Tee Home Edition ($4,000) value with a year of online play ($99) on us.

Second place will win a Callaway driver along with a $100 Golden Tee LIVE Gift Card. Third place will win a $250 Golden Tee LIVE Gift Card.

And that’s not all. If you are named a Design-a-Hole finalist, you will walk away with at least a $50 Golden Tee Gift, a Golden Tee t-shirt and a box of golf balls.


How Do I Submit?

You have two ways to get us your design. You can send an electronic copy to If you would like to mail us your design—or you capture your hole in a way not suited for a computer—you can mail your design to the following address.

If you do mail your design, please be sure to include your email address in case we need to get in contact.

Design-A-Hole c/o
Incredible Technologies
200 Corporate Woods Parkway
Vernon Hills, IL, 60061 

What Happens After The Submission Period Ends?

Once the April 15 deadline has passed our esteemed group of Golden Tee Design-a-Hole judges—led by course designer and Golden Tee co-creator Jim Zielinski—will spend the next week looking over each and every design.

They will use measuring tape. They will put themselves on each hole. They will discuss elevation changes. They will dissect each and every par-3, 4 and 5 to determine this year’s batch of finalists.

Shortly after the finalists are selected, we will showcase one design per day on along with Golden Tee’s social media outlets. At this point, feedback from players will be welcomed and encouraged.

In fact, although the judges will have the final say as to what design ultimately gets into Golden Tee 2016, the feedback posted is a significant part of the selection process. Translation: We need your help!

Once every design has been revealed, the judges will narrow it down to three designs.  Shortly after, we will crown a 2016 Design-a-Hole Champion.

Is That It?

That’s it. Have a blast. Submit early, submit often. Be creative but keep your designs Golden Tee realistic.

This is one of our favorite contests of the year and a chance for you to go from passionate Golden Tee player to designer. Plus, you can win your very own Golden Tee Home Edition simply by putting a cool concept on paper. That’s hard to beat.

Let’s do this.

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