It’s Madness, I Tell You
A Big Sale and an Exclusive Golden Tee Home Edition Contest All at Once; Starting March 1

Whether you own a Golden Tee Home Edition or you’re looking to make that plunge, March is the month for you. Let us all embrace the madness.

All Golden Tee Home Edition purchases made during the month of March will include free shipping AND a special Golden Tee welcome package from your friends at Golden Tee. What’s in this package, you ask? Well, you need to contact us to find out.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect time to bring Golden Tee home—just in time to watch hours upon hours of a semi-famous sporting event—March Madness has you covered.

But that’s not all.

Those of you who already have a Golden Tee Home Edition, get ready. Our second-ever exclusive Home Edition Contest begins on March 1 and will last through the entire month. There’s no entry fee or hoops to jump through; if you have the latest 2015 update installed and online, you’re all set. If you don’t have this latest update, be sure to take care of that ASAP.

Only Golden Tee 2015 courses will count toward the contest. I repeat: Only 2015 courses.

This latest contest will once again award players who finish the month of March with the most birdies or better. The 25 players who play 25 games and finish with the most birdies or better will walk away with prizes, which we will get to momentarily.

On top of birdies or better, we will also hand out $20 Golden Tee Gift Cards for the players who finish the month with the longest drive and longest putt. Something to think about. You must, however, complete 25 games in order to be included.

Those same stipulations are attached to perhaps the most intriguing part of the entire event: At the end of March, two lucky winners with 25 games played will be randomly selected to win FREE Golden Tee 2016 updates. Hello.

To win, all you have to do is play.

Those who do rack up birdies in bunches on 2015 courses also have a chance to win. The prizes for this contest are outlined below.

1st Golden Tee 2016 Update

2nd $350 off 2016 Update

3rd $250 off 2016 Update

4th $150 off 2016 Update

5th $100 off 2016 Update

6th-10th One year online subscription ($99 value)

11th-15th $50 Golden Tee Gift Card

16th-20th $25 Golden Tee Gift Card

20th-25th Golden Tee t-shirts

With the prizes set, let’s go over some important rules relative to this particular contest.

-Only complete 18-hole games will count toward the Birdies or Better contest.  Incomplete games and DNFs will not count toward your total so be sure to finish all 18 holes.

-Be sure to play Stats or Glory games, and check in with the same player card every time so your birdies accumulate.  Games played on different cards cannot be combined or transferred.

-Only the owner of the game can win prizes. This is an individual contest based off of persona IDs and NOT overall cabinet data. And while your buddy can play your game as he wishes, only the owners of machines can win.

-Worth repeating: Only 18-hole games on 2015 games will count. If you do not have the 2015 update yet, order yours today.

Throughout the month, we will be posting updates on and sending leaderboards to each Golden Tee Home Edition cabinet to update current standings. Be sure to tune in to see where you sit, and more importantly, go get your 25 games in and go grab as many birdies (or better) as you can.

Looking to purchase a GT Home Edition? Visit or contact us for pricing.

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