2014 By The Numbers
Before We Turn to 2015, Let us Celebrate Some Monster Figures

This is always one of my favorite pieces of the year, a time we can look back at some of the absurd stats, purchases and overall numbers the Golden Tee community totaled over the course of a year.

In 2014, I am proud to announce these numbers stayed absurd. Congratulations to all of you; we knew you wouldn’t let us down.

As we sort through thousands of Golden Tee ‘Shots of the Year’ contenders for a video that will be released in the coming weeks—and, as always, we welcome your suggestions—let us embrace our trip down the GT numbers rabbit hole.

What did you do this year? Well, the answer it quite a bit. Here are some numbers from the year that was, and thank you very much to the ITnet team for passing these along per usual.



-Total Games Played in 2014: 5,995,772

-Total Great Shot Points: 41,201,455,753 (That’s a lot!)

-Total Golden Tee Points: 17,693,302,973 (That is also a lot!)

-Total Birdies: 52,758,006      

-Total Eagles: 14,684,240 

-Total Holes-in-One: 200,425 (Wow!)

-Total Double Eagles: 92,189

-Total Distance Traveled in Tee Shots: This one is my favorite, and thus, will be broken down accordingly:

40,278,553,756 Feet

7,628,513.97 Miles

15.2 Round Trips to the Moon

306 Orbits Around the Earth                                

-In Total, there was more than $125,000 paid out in Daily Contest alone!    

-In total, there were 19,043,205 Golden Tees purchased in 2014.

-There were 706,696 boxes of golf balls and 67,204 sets of clubs bought.

Thank you so much for your dedicated play. Without you—all of you—these numbers would never be possible. Let’s do it again in 2015.

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