Course Caddies: Sparkling Waters No. 7
Take Advantage of This Favorable Look While You Can

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Sparkling Waters No. 7

The look you see above may not be the one you get. In fact, Hole 7 on Sparkling Waters offers multiple tee boxes that will ultimately impact the way you attack this hole. Although this will obviously impact your around-to-round approach, the strategy—regardless of tee box—should remain the constant.

There’s not a lot to worry about here, so feel free to let your guard down, at least to a certain extent.

It doesn’t mean a wayward tee shot can’t (or won’t) find the water, but it needs to be really off the mark to do so. The size of the green means a) you have options when it comes to spin and b) it’ll be difficult to miss the short stuff entirely.

Your strategy here boils down to this: React based on where the pin is located. If it’s near the back part of the green, attack the pin without backspin. If it’s near the front (or even middle) then backspin or bite should be your desired selection.

Be aggressive here. Don’t be overly aggressive and risk taking birdie out of the picture, but you won’t see many better opportunities than this one. Hitting the green and walking away with a stress-free birdie will also work just fine.

Not aggressive enough? Well, how about this one?


However you tackle this design—wherever you attack from—be sure to take advantage of this favorable situation. I can promise you that the following hole won’t garner this same casual feel and approach.

How do you play?

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