Golden Tee 2015 Is Headed Your Way! Get Ready!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s Golden Tee’s version of Christmas.

It’s Golden Tee 2015 SHIP DAY.

At this very moment, Golden Tee LIVE 2015 is on its way to YOU. The latest and greatest in the game you know and love has left the IT warehouse and will begin making its way to various locations around the country over the coming days.

Some of you will see these games update as early as tomorrow; others will see their cabinets update throughout the rest of the week. Updating these games takes time—there are an awful lot of them—so this will be a process.

With that being said, we’ll show you exactly how you can stay on top of this process—cough, cough Find-a-Game—and explore all avenues of testing out 2015 on Tuesday.

For now, be productive. Spend time with loved ones. Put in overtime at the office.

The Golden Tee 2015 era starts… NOW.

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