Closing With a Whispering Roar
Classic Course of the Week Finishes With a Vintage 2005 Creation

This is the end of the Classic Course of the Week road. Soon—well, sometime next year—the feature will get a facelift and be featured on all Golden Tee 2015 games. You’ll be able to play classic creations in Prize Play, a new addition that we couldn’t be more excited about.

Before we can put this year’s Classic Course of the Week to rest, however, we still have one more course to enjoy. And it feels like a fitting way to end. Where did the last three months go?

Whispering Valley, take us home.

It’s simple, really. Your best score counts. You can play as many games as you’d like during this time, but only your top course will be featured on the online leaderboard. The leaderboard will update twice a day, once early morning and once early evening.

To access Classic Courses, simply select Glory or Stats play, scroll to the course for this week and play. As long as your game is LIVE—and you’re using your golfer to keep track of stats—the game will show up at

As for the prizes, the Golden Tee payouts for each contest is as follows:

1st: 250

2nd: 150

3rd: 100

4th: 75

5th: 50

6th-20th: 30

21st-50th: 20

51st-100th: 15

101st-200th: 10

201st-300th: 5

On Sunday night, the contest will close and Classic Course of the Week will begin its makeover. Before we begin, however, there's one last course to tend to.

Let's do this, Whispering Valley.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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