Hello, 2015
See Screenshots From EACH Golden Tee 2015 Course All Next Week

It’s become a tradition of sorts, the tease before the really teasing begins.

Each year at around this time we spend a full workweek revealing images from all five of the new Golden Tee courses. With Golden Tee 2015 taking shape, it’s time to embark on this early journey once again.

Starting on Monday, we will begin this process. All five new courses will be shown until you’ve gotten a taste of the entire catalog by Friday, one taking stage each day. We won’t reveal names or locations—you’ll be able to ponder these along the way—but you will get a glimpse at where you’ll be teeing off soon enough.

And it all starts Monday. Be here to get the first glimpse of 2015. Well, minus the one above. (That’s a freebee.)

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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