Design-a-Hole Finalist: Bear Valley
Nearing the End, We Get to Tony' Snow's Bear-Packed Pr-4

A group of more than 150 has been narrowed down to 10. Now it’s time for YOU to help us decide which dream golf hole you’d like to see in Golden Tee 2015.

After a long afternoon of tape measuring, dissecting and Golden Tee discussion, the 2015 Design-a-Hole judges—led by course designer Jim Zielinski—selected this year group of finalists. Our winner will see their design in the next installment of the game AND receive their very own GT Home Edition.

The stakes are high. Now, over the next two weeks, you’ll help us decide the winner.

At this point, your feedback is crucial. While the judges will have the final say on which creation comes away victorious, hearing what the passionate fans of the game have to say plays an integral part in the contest. After all, you’ll be playing one of these 10 designs to be revealed in a matter of months. Your opinion matters a great deal.

So share your thoughts, especially on Each design will be highlighted for a full day and your comments are encouraged. 

Up next a par-4 with plenty of risk vs. reward to be found. (Click to enlarge.)

Bear Valley (Par-4) by Tony Snow

Following successful courses where bears roam... He is a down hill fairway from elevated tee boxes. Large hill to the left and trees everywhere. 2 large lakes are in play for both off the tee and even on your 2nd shot. Take a chance and go over and around the hill for possibility of on in one or a chip for the green. 

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