Your Last Chance (For Real This Time)
The Design-a-Hole Doors Close on Monday; Don't Miss It

This truly is it. There will no extensions, no overtimes, no last, last chances to get in. You have until Monday to submit your Design-a-Hole entry, at which point the doors will be closed.

From that point on, the judges will take over (and we’ll have much more on the next steps on Monday).

For now, your goal should be quite simple: Design, design, design. Create your dream par-3, 4 or 5, submit it, and the Design-a-Hole judges will review your submission. You can submit as many as you please however you believe best shows your idea.

Sketch it, draw it, color it, break out the high-tech computer software or do whatever else you believe will catch the attention of the judges. Once you’ve got it—or them—just the way you like it, submit each entry to

Our winner will watch their design go from concept to creation, and his or her design will have a spot in Golden Tee 2015. Not only that, but he/she will also win their very own Golden Tee Home Edition.

The stakes are high.

So dig in with the colored pencils, crayons or keyboard and make the most of the long weekend. This is your last chance to be a part of Golden Tee history. For all the details on the contest, visit the official DAH page.

Are you ready?

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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