Course Caddy: Highland Links No. 5
The Most Interesting (Sometimes) Reachable Par-4 in 2014

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Highland Links Hole No. 5

Hole 5 on Highland Links can be as easy—or interesting—as you want it to be.

What I mean by that is there’s absolutely nothing wrong with firing off your tee shot in the fairway, hitting your approach on the green, making your birdie putt and moving to the next hole. In most cases, that’s exactly what the design will demand and what you’ll be able to draw out of it.

But if you’re looking more—and often times are quests take us there—you might be able to find it here. This par-4 green can be driven, on occasion, although it won’t be easy. It might be worth a shot, though.

There are pros and cons for trying this shot. The obviously pro is an eagle is better than a birdie (uh huh), and this hole provides you the chance to come away with a two.

Even if you don’t reach, you might be left just short of the green with a chip or a short wedge. And even though the rough can be dangerous, you’ll make these shots more than you will hole out from the fairway. That's simple GT science.

The cons of this shot boils down to one con, really. It’s the pot bunker near the green and the potential to loser a shot if your ball were to nestle right up next to the wall. This possibility is very real, and it’s a risk you need to consider. With that being said, rarely will you be left with no shot at all to the green.

If you’re interested in attempting, it’ll take an A-1-type shot to get there. Obviously this will vary depending on tee box and wind, but a hook of some kind will be in order to come close to the green. Sometimes you'll be too far away to even attempt it. Other times, you'll have a chance at getting there.

If it’s done right, it should (or could) look something like this.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with playing for the three here. If you do decide you want to go for the gusto, however, you have the option. The choice is yours.

How do you play this hole?

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