Course Caddy: Highland Links No. 15
A Different Design Every Time You Play

Welcome to the Course Caddy, a look at each and every hole in Golden Tee 2014. Over the next few months, we will spend each day looking at a different design, starting with Hole 1 on the first course and ending with the final hole on the final design.

We want—no, NEED—your help in this process!

How do you play a particular design? Share your thoughts on strategy and YouTube uploads in the comment section. Your feedback is integral in the complete understanding of the design.

All holes will then be available for reference on the Course Caddy page—a bookmark must for the entire encyclopedia! Enjoy.


Highland Links Hole No. 15

Consider this the middle portion of Highland’s very own “Amen Corner.” Hopefully you came away with birdie on Hole 14, and hopefully you’re ready to do the same on another two-shot par-4.

The best word to describe Hole 15 would likely be “delicate.” The fairways aren’t huge—each sloping toward the water—and the green is separated into different quadrants. There are various ways to get in trouble here, but let’s attempt to avoid that.

Do you go to the left or right fairway off the tee? Well, that depends. Adjust your strategy depending on what the wind is doing. More specifically, go to the side that will give you the straightest wind—with or against you. It’ll be a judgment call, but typically one side will leave you with a much more manageable approach.

Do not end up in the rough. I repeat: stay on the short stuff. Hitting your approach from the rough is downright difficult, and in some instances, not possible.

From the fairway—and let’s assume we’ll be there—things get interesting. This hole is all about adjusting your strategy each and every round, and the placement of the pin will adjust this accordingly.

If the pin is in the back part of the green, approaching this hole with Bite is likely your safest bet. Backspin could spin you deep into the rough while no spin at all could land you in the bunker.

The shot will require touch, but when done right it is a thing of beauty.

If the pin is near the front part of the green, take note of your surroundings. Better yet, avoid the water at all costs.

No spin (or Bite) should work on this shot, which may result in a friendly kick from the back rough wall. The biggest thing here is leaving yourself some sort of putt, although maybe you’ll do one better.


It’ll be a different hole each and every round, which actually makes this one of the most interesting designs in the entire game. It won’t be easy, but you should be able to manage if you adjust accordingly.

How do you play?

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