No Fooling Here
Play as a Jackass in Golden Tee Thanks to the April Fools’ Giveaway Code

April Fools’ Day is exhausting and enormously frustrating. And instead of teasing you with a prank, we’re reminding you of a classic April Fools’ Giveaway Code that is LIVE in Golden Tee.

This is not a joke, we promise. The joke is that this is no joke at all… promise. And to prove it, we want to remind you that you can dress like a jackass in Golden Tee. No, not that kind of jackass.

To unlock this lovely donkey head, hit the "OPTIONS" button at any point during your online game and highlight and select "GIVE AWAY CODE." From there simply type in 20F001F001 (20, F, zero, zero, one, F, zero, zero, one) and you will receive this one-of-a-kind item.

There might not be a better item in the catalog.

April Fools’ Day is one day. Dressing like a donkey in Golden Tee is forever.


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