Course Caddy: Turtle Island No. 10
Let's Say Hello to Our Good Friend "Loft" Once Again

Welcome to the Course Caddy, a look at each and every hole in Golden Tee 2014. Over the next few months, we will spend each day looking at a different design, starting with Hole 1 on the first course and ending with the final hole on the final design.

We want—no, NEED—your help in this process!

How do you play a particular design? Share your thoughts on strategy and YouTube uploads in the comment section. Your feedback is integral in the complete understanding of the design.

All holes will then be available for reference on the Course Caddy page—a bookmark must for the entire encyclopedia! Enjoy.


Turtle Island Hole No. 10

Are you using club set with plenty of fairway woods? If so, then you’re in luck on Turtle Island No. 10. That’s not to say you’re completely hosed if you’re not, but there’s no doubt that a little loft can go a long way here.

There are three notable obstacles you’ll have to avoid on this two-shot par-4. The first is the strategically placed water separating the two fairways, the second is the lava just short of the green and the third is the beach/water beyond the green.

Pro Tip: Avoid all three. (Thanks, I’ll be here all week.)

To do so, placement with your driver is key. And perhaps more notable than the hazards is the grouping of trees that can propel your ball into the hazards—and more specifically, the lava greenside

That’s where loft comes into play, and the trusty 6, 7 or 9-wood can be awfully handy. It doesn’t have to be this club, but the added loft gives you security on various setups. And having options depending on distance also helps a great deal.

Why it’s in our blood to hit the ball as far as we can off the tee, that won’t be beneficial here. You don’t want to be right on top of the trees. In some instances you can drive it past them—likely with the use of a high tee—but this option won’t be there often.

Instead, give yourself enough room to clear the trees. If the pin is tucked on the left, a mindful of the trees and also the dried lava (well, rock-ish like material) just left of the green. If you hit this, you don't know where your ball will end up. Note: don't just hope you get lucky.

If you miss it, you could be in line for favorable results.

If the pin is on the right part of the green, take advantage of the opening between the trees. There’s more than just a small window to shoot through, there’s an alley that you can take full advantage of with the proper tee shot.

By doing so, you could end up with a shot like this.


Don’t be afraid to get creative here. In some looks, you might have to. Just be sure to take note of what shots work on certain setups and where your comfort is. Spin control is also enormously important and Bite and Backspin should become your best friend.

A birdie putt is what you want here. If you get that, you're in good shape.

What works for you here?

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