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Do You Make Weird Movements Playing Golden Tee? So Does This Guy, and That’s OK

Today we celebrate you, guy at the bar doing a magnificent horse-kick thing after hitting a shot that was approach the cup. You, sir, are worth celebrating.

We can only assume that it was approaching the cup—heck, maybe it went in—because how else could you possibly explain superb athletic ability such as this? Or perhaps you were trying to show off your power drive? 

It doesn't matter why. What matters is that it happened. 

This magnificent Vine was posted on Twitter. It features a faceless, unknown Golden Tee stranger who is 100 percent in the zone. It is a zone you know very well, one that is typically accompanied by fist pumps, awkward high fives with friends (or perhaps random strangers) and body movements that you hope will somehow guide your ball into the hole and not knock over your beer.

I can honestly tell you that none of these special actions have any effect on what your ball does - SPOILER ALERT - but that doesn’t mean you should remove your Golden Tee quirks. And who are you kidding; you couldn’t prevent such unpredictable movements from happening if you tried.

You will be judged by bar patrons—perhaps even videotaped—but don’t let that stop you. Don’t let anything stop you. Do your horse kicks, your fist pumps and anything else that will flow naturally while you play. Those who have a problem with it, well, we've got a problem with them.

It’s an honor to have such charisma, sir (or madam). Don’t hold it in.

Buddy, you just be you. 

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