Course Caddy: Turtle Island No. 17
We’re Not Getting Shipwrecked on the Late Par-4, That’s For Sure

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Turtle Island Hole No. 17

Compared to other 17th holes you've played, Turtle Island’s gorgeous par-4 really isn’t all that bad. What I mean by that is that—challenge-wise—the path to consistent birdie is one you can follow somewhat easily.

That doesn’t mean the possibility for disaster isn’t here—and it clearly is, you know this—but there are bigger challenges in the game. You just have to take care of business.

First and foremost, ending up in the fairway is critical. Obviously you don’t want to be long, but you also want to have the maximum amount of spin control on your approach.

Regardless of where you end up in the fairway, the strategy should remain the same. If the pin is nestled near the top part of the green, you’re going to want to use Backspin. The significant downward slope could make it difficult to get close, but landing in the right area—maybe even just short of the green—could put you in prime position.

If the pin is in the middle or back part of the green, your options increase. Now, first and foremost, you want a putt. Better yet, you CANNOT go long. This should factor in with every shot you make on this hole.

Depending on the wind, you also have options. A wind in your face will make Bite spin more. An out wind won’t make it nearly as responsive. With that said, Bite should still be considered. Given the right situation—and familiarity with how your ball responds—things could work out perfectly.


Backspin works here as well, although you could be left with a long, downhill putt. How you decide to play it will depend on a) your comfort with certain shots and b) your confidence in your putting. Factor in all these and your strategy could change round to round.

Regardless, play safe and be smart. If you do that, you’ll rarely watch your ball go scuba diving, which is a great place to start.

How do you play this hole?

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