The Time Has Come
Golden Tee 2014 Ships ON MONDAY! Are You Ready?

This calls for a celebration...

This is it. This is the last weekend you will have WITHOUT Golden Tee 2014.

I suppose we could just leave it at that and chug all the cheap champagne we stocked up, but there are a few important details surrounding next week that warrant highlighting.

First, Golden Tee 2014 will begin shipping on Monday. Yes, Monday, and this is not a drill. This means that updates will make their way out the doors to bars and locations around the country, and we should begin to see these games update starting on Tuesday. It takes time for operators to update all their games, so be patient.

That’s easy for me to say, of course.

Throughout next week, however, Find a Game is where you want to be. Here you’ll be able to see which games near you have been updated to 2014, and the map will be ever-changing throughout the better part of Tuesday through the end of next weekend.

That’s it, really. All the stories, news items, teases, images and video—some of which are not done just yet—have led to this. All you have to do now is play, and you should play because the courses and changes are superb.

Golden Tee Ship Day is nearly upon us, friends.

Let us celebrate.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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