Let the Countdown Begin
We’re One Week Away From Golden Tee 2014 Ship Day

September 23rd.

This date is important, although many of you were already well aware of this. For those of you who didn’t, Monday, Sept. 23 is Golden Tee 2014 SHIP DAY.

Yes, in less than one week, updates will be leaving the IT headquarters and heading to bars and locations around the country. This means that games will start to update over the course of the entire week, and most of you should have your taste of 2014 by the following weekend if not sooner.

Oh, and there’s still so much to do (and tell you) before we get there.

We’ll have more course previews, new features and other critical tidbits to discuss over the next seven days. At that point, you’ll be able to test out the game yourself. How does that sound?

Get excited, get time off, get ready. 2014 is a week away.


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