Silver Strike Search Addition
Finding Yourself on The SBB World Rankings Just Got Easier

The Silver Strike World Rankings Leaderboard just got upgraded.

Not only can you compare your virtual bowling scores to the rest of the bowling world, but you can also search for yourself by both Persona ID and now last name. This change went through on the Golden Tee World Rankings a short while back, and bowling is now caught up.

Looking to see how where you rank?

Just play ten online games on a Silver Strike LIVE cabinet, and you’re all set. Your top ten games for the month will be averaged, which means a bad score won’t hurt you. Improve your rank throughout the month with better scores, and then do it all over again on the first.

Bar and national bragging rights are on the line, so what are you waiting for? Track down a Silver Strike LIVE game near you, knock out your ten games and see where you stand!

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