One Down, Many to Go
A Look Back at the Month of March and a Silver Strike World Rankings Reminder

Our first month of Silver Strike World Rankings is in the book, and what a month it was.

Nearly 7,500 players were given an official World Rankings, while thousands more came up just short. The top of the leaderboard was competitive, and you can expect the action to heat up in the coming months.

The top eight was as follows.

How can you get your World Ranking? Easy.

Just play ten online games on a Silver Strike LIVE cabinet, and you’re all set. Your top ten games for the month will be averaged, which means a bad score won’t hurt you. Improve your rank throughout the month with better scores, and do it all over again on the first.

The leaderboard will be wiped clean, and you’ll be able to track your progress month to month as well.

Where do you rank? Get your games in and check out the online leaderboard to see where you stack up against the rest of the bowling world!

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