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Thanks to Power Events, Watch Some of the Game’s Best Dominate GT 2013

I get this question all the time: How do they do it? How do players shoot ridiculous scores that approach—and sometimes reach -30 in Golden Tee?

The answer isn’t all that simple, although the response is.

You have to watch them play.

Thanks to Power Events and their forward thinking, now you have that chance.

For about a year now, Power Events has been streaming matches (as well as qualifying games) from their tournaments, and the response has been overwhelming. The following has increased and interest has grown. The quality has also come along a lot since its creative inception.

At this year’s first tournament, the Florida Open, more viewers tuned in than ever before, and those that did were treated to some amazing matches. Thanks to Power Events, you may not watch these incredible games whenever you please.

Although we wrote a recap on the event, there’s nothing quite like watching the matches. Learn what the pros do, literally, on just about every hole in the game. Power Events has added video to their main bracket page, and you can watch the available matches simply by clicking on the green camera icon located near the matchup.

To get you started, we’ve embedded the final championship game below featuring Houston’s Mark Stenmark and Missouri’s Evan Gossett. Talk about solid play; these two were absolutely dazzling here.

Oh, and a brief disclaimer for those tuning in. Chicago’s very own Chuck Speiser, aka “Chuckwagon,” commentated on these matches. While his thoughtful and hilarious Golden Tee input is, well, hilarious, there is some ‘adult’ language in here to be aware of.

There ya go, you’ve been warned.

Enjoy, and check out for more matches and much more on the PEGT Tour.

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