Wardrobe Overload
Welcome to the New Customized World of PowerPutt LIVE 2013

Be the character you’ve always wanted to be.

That’s the theme in PowerPutt LIVE 2013, and an entire arsenal of customizables will be at your fingertips come time for the March launch.

Forget about the small batch of clothing items you could pick through at the start of each game. Those days are long gone. Now, your consistent play and mini-golf prowess will earn your clothing items round-to-round.

Sound familiar? If you’ve ever played Golden Tee LIVE before, it probably does.

PowerPutt LIVE 2013 has adopted a similar wardrobe system, and you’ll soon have a ton of different clothing items to choose from for your golfer. Shirts, pants, hats, and shoes have all been added, and you’ll win one of each when you hit one of the following.

Every 5 Games

Every 30 Birdies

Every 10 Eagles

Every 10 Holes-in-one

So how many items are there?

“Oh, I lost track at this point,” PowerPutt Project manager Jim Zielinksi joked when asked about the amount of clothing items included in the game. “There are hundreds in there and endless combinations to choose from. Obtaining them all is going to take a while.”

Outside of the clothing items, you now have control of your golfer’s look through a new customization menu. Here you’ll be able to alter his gender, look, and, of course, what they wear.

Dress like a clown (literally), or play it safe with something more reserved.

Whatever style you’re feeling that day, your golfer will be able to wear it well. Although your wardrobe additions won’t help better your PowerPutt score, at least you’ll look trying.

We'll have much more on PowerPutt LIVE soon. Stay tuned to LIVEWIRE for more!

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