Year in Review: Silver Strike LIVE
Pins, Strikes, High Scores, and Games - The Numbers Accumulated in SSB

Another year of Silver Strike LIVE is in the books.

As we ready for a wonderful little update for SS Live in the early part of 2013, let’s take a moment to look back on that year that was. Think about all the pins knocked down—we have an exact total below—and all the moments shared on the game in 2012.

It’s been another big year, and the cumulative effort from Silver Strikers showcases some very staggering numbers achieved in the past 365 days.

Just how big, you ask? The answers are below.

Happy New Year, and stay tuned to LIVEWIRE for much more on the exciting new feature to hit Silver Strike LIVE in January!

Games Played: 2,904,909

Strikes: 9,656,386

Spares: 13,808,041

Games Played: 2,904,909

Three-Game Series Completed: 302,863

Highest Score: 300 (Well, yeah)

Highest Three-Game Series: 831

Total Pins Knocked Down: 504,838,021

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