Year in Review: PowerPutt LIVE
Some of the Totals and Bests Racked Up Throughout 2012 on the World’s Greatest Mini-Golfer

What a year it was for PowerPutt LIVE. In fact, this was the year the game made its anticipated debut.

But before we officially set our sights on 2013—and more specifically, PowerPutt LIVE 2013—let’s first look back on the year that was.

You dedicated players have racked up a ton of interesting numbers since the game launched, and it’s time to explore them in full. When I say a ton, I mean A TON. Here are some of the bests and totals from 2012.

There’s much more to come on PowerPutt LIVE 2013, and have a wonderful and safe New Year!

Birdies: 4,086,322

Eagles: 551,370

Holes-in-One: 1,101,245

Total Games Played: 611,435

Total Holes Played: 9,167,665

Longest Putt: 137.5 feet

Total Shot Points: 35,156,487,213

Best Score: -36

Penalty Strokes: 1,590,609

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