Elf on a Trackball
Very Important Holiday Shots of Your Favorite Game

‘Tis the Season… for Golden Tee Elves

If you’re looking for completely random shots of elves—both real and of the shelf variety—playing Golden Tee, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. And really, who isn’t looking for pictures of elves playing Golden Tee?

These images surfaced on both Twitter and Facebook, and we hope this is just the beginning when it comes to holiday shots of trackball encounters. Please, tag them @GoldenTee or post them over at

We begin with “Sinclair,” an Elf on a Shelf situated on a ol’ school Golden Tee Unplugged. I’ve been told he’s an excellent chipper but struggles hitting the ball further than 7 yards consistently.


And then there’s Jeff Fisette and his costume that somewhat matches his Golden Tee golfer. We’re not sure if alcohol was involved in the making of this photograph but we’re just going to assume that YES, YES IT WAS.

Happy Holidays from Incredible Technologies!

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