When -30 Simply Isn’t Good Enough
One Game on Coconut Beach and Two Massive Scores

You never know what kind of Prize Play Contest you’ll be thrown into. Will there be big scores? Will you have a chance to cash without shooting your best game?  Or, will your best game—a truly brilliant GT effort—simply not be good enough.

Each fifty-person contest brings unique players, different setups and a variety of factors that will alter the leaderboard, but you just don’t know what the competition will be like until you’re thrown into the mix.

We rarely see a -30 in these contests, although they do happen. Seeing multiple games at -30 in the same game is much rarer, although it has happened before. In fact, we were treated to this on Golden Tee 2013 for the very first time.

Minnesota’s Chris Thorbrogger fired off a -31 on Coconut Beach to best North Carolina’s Paul “Putz” Tayloe’s -30 in the same exact game. Having a 30-under come in second place can’t be an easy thing to stomach, although many of us will gladly take the silver if it means this kind of score.

Well done, gents.

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