Finish With a Flurry
Two-Time GT World Champion Graig Kinzler Shows How You Go -7 in Only Two Holes

-7 would be viewed as a pretty solid game of Golden Tee. A couple of birdies, perhaps an eagle or two, plenty of pars and a handful of scores you don’t want to talk about. Oh, the dreaded blow-up hole.  

Some of you would be thrilled to finish at -7; some perhaps haven’t hit that number in years (outside a late-night game with a little too much booze). Although our thoughts on this will vary, we can all agree on the following: Hitting -7 on only two holes of Golden Tee is downright insane.

Impossible, you say? I suppose I would have agreed with you had I not seen what I only recently have below. Two-time Golden Tee World Champion Graig Kinzler recently accomplished just that playing on Royal Cove.

The drivable par-5 17th and the reachable par-4 18th are far from easy greens to hit, especially if the wind isn’t cooperating. Most of us hope that maybe the stars will align just once and we’ll somehow find an ace on just one of these designs.

Acing them both back-to-back and securing a -30 in the process, well, that’s just downright madness. From -23 to -30 in two holes. My goodness.



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