Design-a-Hole Finalist: Damp Dreams
Another Drivable Par-5 Makes the DAH Finals, This One Courtesy of Chisolm Woodson

After hours of debate and review, the Golden Tee judges have narrowed down a robust group of more than 100 submissions to ten. Our field of 2013 Design-a-Hole finalists is set, and over the next few weeks we will reveal one design each day.

Fans of the game are then encouraged to offer up their thoughts on each GT hole on the Golden Tee Facebook Page. The winner of this year’s contest will eventually be decided by the GT judges, but they will incorporate all feedback into this decision-making process. Translation: They need your help.

The winner of this contest will receive their very own Golden Tee Home Edition, and the stakes have never been higher. All finalists to see their design showcased in the next two weeks will walk away with a Golden Tee Gift Card at the very least, so congrats to those of you that made the cut. And thanks to everyone that submitted a design this year. Once again, narrowing down the group is a tough task, and it won’t get any easier for the judges going forward.

Up at the plate, a par-5 that can be reached if everything goes your way. (Description below)

Damp Dreams by Chisolm Woodson

It is a par 5, with 3 different routes to play.The dark marks are the distances from edge of land to the edge of the other land, all measured in yards.  The red lines are the different paths to shoot.

One is the safe route for birdie, playing to the fairway to the left, then the big island to the top left, then to the island green, which would be playing as a left 7 degree slope from that angle.

The 2nd is a small, elevated island patch to the right, with some trees on the sides. At approx 300 yards, and with the elevation, a high tee would be needed in most situations, (which is good for I.T.!  :)   Sticking the patch would leave about 200 to a down 7 green.

The 3rd option involves an elevated rock jutting out of the water.  The surface is too slick to land it straight on, but an A-1 shot, depending on wind and tee box placement, would give the possibility of it skipping off and landing the green, for a double eagle putt, or the rare super albatross.  while the rock would not remove all spin from the ball, it removes a large amount, say 65-70% off of the normal backspin or bite.

So, what do you think? Visit to share your thoughts!
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