Design-a-Hole Finalist: Parabolic Dunes
Chris LeSauvage's Sandy Par-5 is Our Second Submission to Make the 2013 DAH Finals

After hours of debate and review, the Golden Tee judges have narrowed down a robust group of more than 100 submissions to ten. Our field of 2013 Design-a-Hole finalists is set, and over the next few weeks we will reveal one design each day.

Fans of the game are then encouraged to offer up their thoughts on each GT hole on the Golden Tee Facebook Page. The winner of this year’s contest will eventually be decided by the GT judges, but they will incorporate all feedback into this decision-making process. Translation: They need your help.

The winner of this contest will receive their very own Golden Tee Home Edition, and the stakes have never been higher. All finalists to see their design showcased in the next two weeks will walk away with a Golden Tee Gift Card at the very least, so congrats to those of you that made the cut. And thanks to everyone that submitted a design this year. Once again, narrowing down the group is a tough task, and it won’t get any easier for the judges going forward.

After revealing our first finalist on Monday, it’s time to showcase design #2. And here it is. Description of the hole is below the design.

Parabolic Dunes by Chris LeSauvage

My entry is called 'Parabolic Dunes', named after the landscape formations featured in the design.  This should be appropriate for either an oceanside or a desert course, the two courses previewed for use in 2013.  The areas that are not part of the dune or the fairways or green can be forested or scrub land, depending on which course you'd like it to appear in.  It is a par 5.  In addition to the attached graphic, I have prepared a small blurb to allow you to put it on web for consideration (should I be so lucky), as follows.

Due to accumulation of sands and a strong, unidirectional wind, parabolic dunes have formed along this coast, gradually pushing back the natural vegetation and forming an interesting and challenging landscape for golf.  This par 5 offers three primary avenues of play.  The first approach starts with an easy drive to a fairway with the second shot up on the dune and a chance for the green in three.  A more aggressive approach can be found on the second path where the golfer has to lay up on the close dune and is then faced with a tough cross wind drive or another lay up.  The last path allows a golfer with the right drive that accounts for the wind and gets around the occluding dune to get to the far fairway in one shot and have a good chance to get to the green in two.

The course offers challenges no matter what approach you take.  Due to their placement on the natural landscape, all the fairways and the green on the dunes slope towards the coast, making the drive to the green punishing if overshot.  At the same time, virtually the entire course is a sand trap so sitting down on the fairways is vital.  The wind is also always blowing inland so a mis-judged shot can lead to a trip down the sharp slope leading the dunes.  With well controlled play however it offers the experienced golfer an opportunity to eagle.

Par: 5 (619 yds)

Green slope:  towards coast, 3-10

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