Every Dog Has Its Day: Part Two
The Tale of Golden Tee’s Latest Trend Once Again Involves a Tail

Golden Tee officially the favorite bar game of dogs everywhere.

A few months ago, we showed you one furry pup deep in thought while standing over a Golden Tee machine. We thought this was the final tail (I'll be here all week) in terms of dogs and Golden Tee.

We were wrong.

Thanks to the wonderful thing called “The Internet,” and more specifically Twitter, another dog has been located playing Golden Tee. No word on his handicap just yet.

My favorite part of this image, however, is the human (perhaps the owner) standing directly over the trackball, intently taking tips on the pooch’s pullback. In reality he’s probably more worried about him scratching that panel or peeing on the floor, but I’m letting my imagination run wild on this one.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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