Ricochet Ridiculousness
Someone Decided to get the Full Motel Tour on the Dusty Bend 18th

Although we tend to feature Golden Tee’s finer efforts on, there’s a time and place for all the good, the bad and… whatever this shot might qualify as.

The Dusty Bend 18th can be a tricky setup, and there are many ways to tackle this hole in an attempt to reach the green in one. The tee shot requires precision, and being off by the smallest margin can cost you dearly. I think you can see where we’re going with this.

If you’ve wondered just how interactive the environments in Golden Tee really are, perhaps this shot will help answer that question. This is, without question, the best motel tour ever given in Golden Tee. Do not adjust your computer screens; this is not pinball.

WARNING: Shot may cause nausea and brief vomiting.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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