• Make Your Own Path
    'Shots of the Week' Celebrates Shot-Making Creativity
  • Rocky Hollow Madness
    Counting Down the Greatest Golden Tee Efforts of the Past Week
  • Better Than Bears
    The Latest Edition of ‘Shots of the Week’ is LIVE!
  • Shots Served Weekly
    The Best in the World of Golden Tee Youtubes, All in One Place
  • Look at Me Now
    Celebrity Status Has Been Reached in the Latest Edition of 'Shots of the Week'
  • Hello, Friends
    We're Celebrating the Masters With a Special Edition of SOTW
  • Great Shot Theater
    The Best Golden Tee YouTubes From the Previous Week
  • Shots of the Week: Now Accepting Bribes
    The Latest and Greatest in Golden Tee's YouTube World
  • SOTW: Olympic Edition
    Talking YouTubes, Holes-in-One, Jokes and Olympic Hopes
  • The Best of the Best (of the Best)
    See the Latest and Greatest YouTube Moments in the World of GT
  • Shots Fired
    The First 'Shots of the Week' of 2014 is Here
  • Thanksgiving Special
    ‘Shots of the Week’ Celebrates One of the Best Holidays of the Year
  • The Long Drive Edition
    'Shots of the Week' Embraces a Week of Golden Tee Hole-in-One Records
  • The Greatest Show in Town
    Another Week, Another “Special” Edition of ‘Shots of the Week’
  • Show-Me Shots
    Watch The Latest and Greatest in the World of Golden Tee 2014
  • Back and Better Than Ever
    Shots of the Weeks Makes Its Golden Tee 2014 Debut
  • When Nature Dunks
    Shots of the Week are Back with Special Rock and Cacti Cameos
  • Let’s Hear From the Monkey
    Shots of the Week Returns, and Our No. 1 Shot Get a Magnificent Animal Assist
  • Shots of the Week: Damage Inc. Strikes Again
    Celebrating The Latest and Greatest in Golden Tee and a SOTW Regular
  • Shots of the Week: Non-Turtle Edition
    The Latest and Greatest Must-See YouTube Moments
  • Bring on the Fireworks
    Shots of the Week Celebrates the 4th and the Best in the World of Golden Tee
  • Shots Here ‘Round the Interwebs
    The Latest Golden Tee Shots of the Week Are LIVE
  • Celebrating Excellence
    Another Week, Another Glorious Batch of Golden Tee Great Shots
  • A Great Shot Hello
    A Very Special Jim Nantz Edition of Shots of the Week
  • As Seen on GT
    The Best Golden Tee Great Shots of the Past Week, All in One Informative Video
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