• This Week's Daily Contests (Week 4)
    Find out what the daily contest courses are, Monday Mix Up course, and a hole by hole of Freaky Friday!
  • Freaky Friday Old School & New School
    Freaky Friday brings a mix of old school and new school courses together!
  • Daily Contest Schedule
    The Monday Mix Up, daily Contest Courses, and Freaky Friday for the week of January 20th.
  • Life on The Farm Freaky Friday
    Freaky Friday takes you to our favorite farm courses!
  • Freaky Friday The All-10 Open
    Freaky Friday is all hole 10s for January 10th!
  • Freaky Friday Casual Time-Release
    The second casual mode Freaky Friday time-released course is now out!
  • Final Freaky Friday of 2019
    Going out with a bang in 2019's last Freaky Friday!
  • Freaky Friday Casual Mode Release
    The first of the time-released Freaky Friday's for casual mode!
  • Freaky Friday 2016 & 2010 Courses
    Freaky takes some old school 2010 courses and mixes them in with some new school 2016 courses.
  • This week's Freaky
    $3,500 prize pool for this week's backwards contest!
  • Break the Scoreboard
    Scores will be very low this Friday for our 4th iteration of Break the Scoreboard Freaky!
  • Crawdad Swamp makes it debut
    Our 2003 GT Fore! remastered course debuts this Friday!
  • Winter Paradise Freaky
    Escape the elements with our latest Freaky Friday Daily Contest!
  • Let's get Freaky on 18
    This week's Freaky Friday Daily Contest is some of our favorite 18th holes!
  • Let It Snow 3.0
    Our third edition of this special Freaky Friday contest comes this week!
  • Thanksgiving Mania!
    New Events, Blackout Wednesday and a special Freaky Friday this week!
  • The 2016 Scramble!
    This week's Freaky Friday Daily Contest gives you some of the best 2016 has to offer
  • Golden Tee 2019 gets Freaky!
    This week's Freaky Friday Daily Contest gives you some of the best 2019 has to offer
  • #Firecracker Freaky
    Today's #FreakyFriday Daily Contest features massive scoring potential!
  • The GT Players' Championship
    This week's Freaky Friday is drive-able Par 5s and Par 4s!
  • Fore!
    Our GT Fore! re-imagined courses take over today's #FreakyFriday Daily Contest
  • What's New?
    We're Celebrating the New Tees and Pins on This Week's Freaky Friday!
  • The all Par-5 special
    Your chance at -36 comes during our all par-5 Freaky Friday!
  • Fresh Start Open
    Our first Freaky Friday of the year explores the most interesting Hole 1s in LIVE history!
  • Rattlesnake Ridge debut
    Play all 18 Holes of Rattlesnake Ridge for the first time in over 15 years on this week's Freaky Friday!
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