Celebrating Women's Golf Month: Jamie Arrington
Jamie's journey on and off the virtual golf courses has a lot of Aces!

In celebration of Women's Golf Month, we're highlighting some of the remarkable ladies who tee off in the Golden Tee community. Today, we catch up with Jamie Arrington, Golden Tee champion who broke barriers and inspired hundreds of female players.

Jamie fell in love with Golden Tee somewhere around 2003. During that time, she has since lost count of how many local tournaments she has participated in but recalls very well the 10-15 PEGT tournaments and all the excitement associated not only with having a chance to play at the 2023 World Championship but also the experience by itself. Rustic Bridge is special to Jamie. It is not the fun and challenge of the course alone but, additionally, the memory of finally mastering the maximum speed shot on Hole #1. Another level of enjoyment also comes from the aesthetics—the trees, buildings, and virtual crowd. She'll put Coral Vista at a close second, but nobody will ever forget the classic contest against her husband, Mike, back in 2005. Who could forget that shot, the first "spinny A-1" anyone had ever seen, when the bar erupted in applause, and the lesson learned about Strategic Layups? It's a memory etched in her Golden Tee journey.

For Jamie, tournaments mean much more than just competition. Camaraderie, experiences shared between old and new friends alike, and the dedication of organizers from PEGT like Paige Gossett and Steve Sobel are reasons that she keeps gunning for more. Being a Golden Tee power couple also keeps her gunning for more. Jamie and her husband Mike, say it's loads of fun being able to play with your best friend. They encourage each other, teach each other, and help each other out—making head-to-head matches pretty interesting battles in which each player kind of knows what the other will do. While Jamie says that she comes out on top most of the time, victory-wise, the better end of that deal belongs to Mike.

Part of Jamie's historic achievements include her being the first woman to ever win a PEGT tournament and then going on to compete in the World Championships. She will never forget the enormous satisfaction she derived from winning the first PEGT Women's Tournament, not because it was a win, but more so because it was a moment to share with other ladies similarly talented. The pressure was immense to become the first woman to appear at the World Championship, but missing the cut by a whisker didn't actually destroy the achievement of making the gold bracket. As Jamie contemplates on her second World Championship, she says that once again she sees a close call at the qualifying line but this time believes she will land on the gold side and finally take home a match win on Sunday. She's beyond elated! She added that the nerves are always a little hard to deal with during tournaments. Of course, she attested that it does get easier with each event. So, some of the coping mechanisms include chill playlists and post-match routines that involve a lot of reflection, self-motivation, and staying positive.

Step into any men-dominated event, and it might get a little overwhelming. But the overwhelmingly supportive and welcoming community with Golden Tee made all the difference. Though having been underestimated at times in the past, Jamie rejoices to recall the current scenario where many more women participate in Golden Tee events with much confidence. Being a female player definitely shaped her approach to the game. Not being able to drive as far as the men earlier, she learned shortcuts and precision in shots. Having people show her how other ladies played the game strategically on tees, clubbing up, and thumb shots really opened her mind and game.

Jamie's story should serve as an inspiration to all those who strive to become a Golden Tee champion, especially women who may be hesitant to get involved. With dedication, skill, and the amazing Golden Tee community at your back, anything is possible on the virtual course!

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