Celebrating Women's Golf Month: Paige Gossett
Setting the standard for excellence in Golden Tee competition.

In the world of Golden Tee, Power Events has risen to set the standard for greatness in tournament play. This is largely thanks to the leadership and vision of Paige Gossett, along with her partners Steve Sobel and Russ Layton, giving wings to this ambitious enterprise to take flight. Paige, coming from a background in pool tournaments, knew very little about Golden Tee. What she had was an organizational skillset and desire for success, which drove her ability to take on this massive endeavor.

Paige was approached by Steve Sobel and Russ Layton, two people with a deep understanding of Golden Tee and a very clear vision for what Power Events could become. Russ brought knowledge of the game, while Steve brought the business end to the group. "We had been friends for many years, and I knew they would be committed to success. I don't like to fail," Paige said. With a solid base, they embarked on their mission to reshape Golden Tee tournaments.

Power Events began as an answer to a call for a mobile vendor with enough machines to provide flexibility. They began with ten Golden Tee LIVE arcade units and a dream to put on bigger, better, and more professional events. "I believe that consistency and clarity have always been a factor in our events. We have built strong relationships with many of our locations over the years," Paige explains. Their meticulous planning and attention to detail, in turn, ensured Power Events was always ahead of the competition, often announcing dates for live events months before anybody else. This forward-thinking approach helped them establish a strong rapport with thousands of players nationwide.

The community atmosphere and the excellent service offered at every stop sets Power Events' National GT Tour apart from the usual fare. "The beginning and end of every tournament involves a lot of warm hellos and hugs goodbye. I love several of the current stops for different reasons but Richmond will always be my all-time favorite. Then of course, Denver also holds a huge place in my heart since that is where Evan Gossett (2018 Golden Tee World Champion) proposed," Paige shares. These personal touches have helped Power Events build a legacy of memorable and meaningful tournaments.

In 2023, Power Events moved its tournaments to Golden Tee PGA TOUR cabinets, a move that is universally seen as executed to perfection, despite some initial concerns from the top players. "Most people don't like change until it's forced on them. Some of the top players were reluctant to conform, then totally changed their tune once it was apparent the future is here!" Paige remarked. Their flexibility and willingness to adapt as the landscape shifts has served them well.

Reflecting on the future, Paige expresses her gratitude and commitment: "We love what we have built and the people we have met and made part of our extended families. We have no plans to go anywhere."

As we celebrate Woman's Golf Month, it's clear that Paige Gossett and the team at Power Events have left a lasting impression on the Golden Tee community. Her journey is a story of the power of friendship, determination, and a shared vision for success.


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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