2024 Commercial Arcade Qualifying: Week 5
Bonnie Moor Black - PGA TOUR Commercial Event

The Road to Worlds continues with Week 5 of Golden Tee World Championship Qualifying at Bonnie Moor Black!

This GT PGA TOUR exclusive Commercial Event kicks off Monday, Feb 12, ending on Feb 19, and the Top 5 on players on the final leaderboard will punch their ticket to Worlds 2024!

We're on our way, friends. The Golden Tee World Championship will return to Las Vegas, June 27-30, 2024 at the Palms Casino & Resort. Arcade...Mobile...One Event...TWO CHAMPIONS.

NOTE: Player's final score is determined by the sum of their TEN BEST SCORES played in the event. Ties will go to the highest Great Shot Point total, followed by the highest Golden Tee Point total in the event of another tie.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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