Carolina Clash Championship Sunday
Match play is LIVE! Who's gonna take the title!

The National Golden Tee Tour continues at the Muse brothers' (GT) WORLD FAMOUS Callaway's in West Columbia, South Carolina for Power Events' 2023 Carolina Clash on Championship Sunday!

Join us on the LIVE STREAM for Match Play until we crown our champion!

The Main Event qualifier is running in tandem with the first ever Seniors Tourney for PEGT, drawing a fair amount of newcomers to the tourney, and we're thrilled to see this addition to the event bringing more friends into the fold.


Championship Sunday, begins today around 11AM ET, pitting qualifiers against one another in match play across the brackets until we crown our 2023 Carolina Clash Champion! Today"s Purple Bracket winner will earn a Golden Tee 2024 World Championship pass!

If you aren't here, we're streaming the entire event LIVE from West Columbia on our Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook channels! Be sure to tune in and cheer on your favorite GT elites, pick up techniques and strategies from high level play, and watch the Carolina Clash until we wrap the event tonight!

Check out a full breakdown of the weekend's events, rules, and info at the link below!

Power Events 2023 Carolina Clash

Also, be sure to take a look at the full 2023 PEGT Calendar of Events and plan accordingly! See you on the tour, players!



Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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