GTM Sales of the Week (08/14/23)
GTM Sales from Monday, August 14th through Friday, August 18th!

Get ready for a full week of sales in Golden Tee Mobile!

We have sales going live today, Wednesday, and Friday! Make sure to check them out and read for more details!

Already halfway through the month and that might mean you’re already halfway through some of your GTM necessities! Never fear, the Hole-Out Pack is on sale starting TODAY! Check it out!

Who says you have to go anywhere to get your golf fix? You’re able to take on any GTM course and contest from the comfort of your own backyard! Especially with the help of the Hole-in-One Pack for sale this Wednesday!

With this Mega Bundle that’s for sale, you’ll be knocking your mobile game out of the park in no time! Instead of using a baseball, you’ll have access to Orbits, Torpedoes, and even more golf balls in this sale! Check out what else is on Friday!

That's all we have for this week, mobile players! Stay tuned for the next sales lineup!


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