Course Insights with Jim Z. - Bonnie Moor Black
Inside look at the 2023-2024 courses with the man who designed them!

       Golden Tee PGA TOUR’s 2023-2024 update is LIVE, and we're back with another round of course insights for the Day One additions to the carousel with Mr. Jim Zielinski, GT Co-Creator of and Course Designer for the Golden Tee series!

       Stay tuned to LIVEWIRE and GT’s social media channels to catch the entire series of Jim Z. 2023-2024 course insights, and be sure to check out our previous entry covering Missouri Hills HERE! Now, here's Jim on Bonnie Moor Black!


Jim Z. on Bonnie Moor Black


What about this location drew you to it?

"The original Bonnie Moor course was released 15 years ago and still remains one of Golden Tee’s most popular courses. It’s a very open course with wide fairways and very deep bunkers. I first wanted to do another course in that vein, then I thought “why not do a sister course to the original”. Elite golf clubs will often have more than one course on their property. The granddaddy of all courses, St Andrews in Scotland, has multiple courses. The idea for this course is to let the players play the course next door to the original Bonnie Moor. A second course on the same property, Bonnie Moor Black." 

What can GT players expect when they tee off here for the first time?

"Anyone who has played the original Bonnie Moor will quickly recognize the look and feel of Bonnie Moor Black. I went hole-by-hole and tried to emulate similar shots and challenges from the original course. Players will feel a real connection to the play strategies from the original course. Although these new holes are not copies in any sense, the types of holes, shots, hazards, and fairway routes, will be very similar to what players loved about the original Bonnie Moor course."


What makes this a worthy addition to the GT roster of courses?

"This is sort of an experiment. We’ve never done a course on the same property as the original. Instead of providing a unique location that players may or may not be drawn to, we decided to locate a course in a proven popular area, using shots and strategies that have been proven popular over many years."

Our players tell us what they like through their playing choices. We receive a ton of data about what our players choose. Over the years we’ve fine-tuned this and aimed the development of future courses to reflect what our players like. This time we’ve gone further than ever before. Not a copy, but a brand-new course on the same property that plays like the original."   
What is unique or noteworthy about this course?

"It’s unique in that it’s the first same-property / partner course we’ve ever done. Although this aspect is unique, for those who have played the original Bonnie Moor, it will seem extremely familiar."


What is your favorite hole (or 3) from the new course?

"I like the par 5 fifth. It’s a wide sweeping dog leg to the left. Although the green is sometimes accessible in two going the traditional route, there are shortcut landing areas on the left that give you easier, eagle approach shots. The key is to land it far enough in front of the tall grass so that you’re not blocked on the next shot."

Does this course have any similarities to existing GT courses, and did you draw inspiration from them in designing this one?

"Well I’ve described this earlier.  The answer is Yes! 100% based on and inspired by Bonnie Moor from 2005."


      Jim Z. makes a strong case for what this course intends to offer GT veterans who've played the game going back 15 years ago, and for those who have a strong appreciation for traditionally designed GT courses! We can think of more than a few bangers' eyes and ears that'll perk up at the prospect of some classic GT inspiration in the modern era! We’ll be back with more GT 2023-2024 course insights from Mr. Jim Zielinski over the net couple of days, with an inside look at South Pacific! Stay tuned, friends!

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