Design-a-Hole Finalist #4: The Pit
We're back with #4 of the top ten 2023 Design-a-Hole finalists!

Here's #4 of the top ten 2023 Design-a-Hole finalists, The Pit by Patrick Mattox

4. The Pit

“Since everyone likes those challenging par-3s, here is my take on a Par3 that could fit in a number of different environments.

Concept is drawn up as a desert/dry area (American Southwest) with a river running through, but could easily fit in any environment with hill/rock formations.  Possible tee boxes give a players wide variety of looks, height adjustments, and straight/curved shots to attack the hole.

Large, pitched green, with heavy rough on top edge that extends to either side of the waterfall."

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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