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Blackout Wednesday Worlds Spectacle
HUGE Prize Pools and TWO Worlds Spots in Play on Blackout Weds!


Do you see the expression on this turkey's gobbler!? This is the level of shock and enthusiasm that naturally comes with Golden Tee's Blackout Wednesday Contests, and this year's goes beyond one massive

event, moving well into SPECTACLE territory with TWO huge contests! This is serious business, people.

Blackout Wednesday Daily Contest

This year's Blackout Wednesday Daily Contest is HUGE, with a $3,000 PRIZE POOL, and first place earning $495 AND A SPOT AT THE 2022 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN VEGAS!

Serious flippin' business, people. This course is built to facilitate insane scores, and we know you'll bring the goods. Let's go.


Blackout Wednesday Money Shot



Blackout Wednesday's Money Shot Contest is equally MASSIVE, with a $2,500 PRIZE POOL, and first place takes $1,250 AND A SPOT AT THE 2022 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN VEGAS! This. Is. Serious. Business.

With over, $5,000 in prize pools, and TWO World Championship spots on the line, this is shaping up to be the biggest Blackout Wednesday in Golden Tee history!

Be safe and party responsibly, play TONS of Golden Tee, and we'll see you all this Wednesday!


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