The Summer Swing is Back!
8 weeks. 16 free updates to giveaway. Massive value. Let’s go!

The Summer Swing Home Edition contest is back and better than ever!  For the next 8 weeks we will be transforming Events mode into 16 opportunities for you to win a FREE GT 2021 Home Edition update!

Starting this Monday, July 20th, we will have a weekly event for Home Edition games like normal, except now you will have multiple chances to win a FREE update!

Each week, the 1st place winner of that event will win a GT 2021 update when it comes out later in the Fall.  If the 1st place winner has already won a free update, then the 2nd place winner will get the free update instead and so on and so forth.

We will also give away a random GT 2021 update to any player who qualifies for the weekly event, i.e. play at least 5 games that specific week.  On top of that, 8 other players who qualify will also win 500 Gold Tees every week!

Each week will feature a new theme for that event like All Par 3s, The Best of Series, Break the Scoreboard, and more.

Summer Swing Leaderboard


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Just like always, anybody can compete in Events on the GT Home Edition, but in order to win the free update, you must:

Here’s a reminder that for all Home Edition Events you must have funds in your player wallet and for security reasons, you cannot use your 8-digit Lost Card ID to log in to Home Event Contests.

If you have not updated to GT 2020 yet, you now have even more reasons too! Do so by messaging us here

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