The NO DRIVER, Stock Clubs Classic
The home and commercial events are getting shaken up with the "No Driver" bag!

How well can you play without a driver in your bag? Starting Monday, February 3rd that skill will be put to the test on both home and commercial event modes this week! Take on 18 holes with a bag of stock clubs and no driver. The 18 hole course will be different holes for the home and commercial event.


Contest Size: 50 | Daily Limit: 10 | Entry Fee: +$1


1st: $10

2nd: $8

3rd: $6

4th: $4

5-10th: $2

11-20th: $1

21-50th: Virtual Tee

If you don't have a Golden Tee home edition, get more information here.

Contest Size: 15-man | Daily Limit: 10 | Entry Fee: $1 ($1.50 total)


1st: $5

2nd: $4

3rd: $3

4th: $2

5th: $1

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